Pros and Cons of Having a Lift Kit

Pros and Cons of Having a Lift Kit How-To

Pros and Cons of a Having Lift Kit

Do you love driving in a truck that is lifted extremely high above the ground? Then you know when you look down at cars on the road, you feel the ultimate force.

Body lift kits are designed to raise your truck or SUV two or three inches higher by placing a high-quality nylon spacer between the body and frame. Overhead elevator kits are made to lift trucks as high as owners allow. But what are the disadvantages of adding a lift kit? Do the kits change the car?

Let’s break down the pros and cons of lifting your truck or SUV.

Benefits of body lift kits

Lift kits are specifically made not to change the ride quality of your truck. Most lift kits are not too expensive and are more economical than overhead elevators. Since no shocks are touched during the elevator, no new shocks are required for lift kits. For people who like to drive off-road, lift kits provide more tire clearance while maintaining factory suspension geometry and alignment.

Disadvantages of body lift kits

Body lift kits take longer to install due to the nature of the job. These kits require the body to be raised and bolted down. The main disadvantage of the body lift kit is that the frame is more visible than before and gaps are visible in the fenders. Unfortunately, due to the placement of the body, the factory bumpers also do not lift. A common complaint about lift kits is frame visibility. This can be corrected by adding gaps to the frame. This type of lift kit offers no advantage and can affect performance because of the new center of gravity.

Benefits of Body Lift Kits

Although body lift kits can only go one to three inches higher, suspension lift kits can go as high as the driver feels comfortable. This lift allows the owner to purchase larger tires if he or she so desires. It also makes the suspension more articulated.

Disadvantages of lift kits

The annoyance factor cannot be overlooked here. Before you decide on a monster truck, imagine you and your family getting in and out of the truck. This elevator comes with a certain amount of maintenance. Carrier parts may need to be replaced from time to time, so make sure you are prepared for the appropriate expense. These kits are also generally more expensive because they are custom built. This may void some warranties on your truck or SUV, and you won’t drive as smoothly as one without a body lift or with a body lift.

Body lift kits are good if you don’t want your truck or SUV to drive differently. The drive quality remains the same with these elevators. If you want a kit that lifts your truck just a few inches without the hassle, this is the kit for you! If you are looking for that monster truck feel, suspension elevator kits are for you. Your truck can be raised as high as your budget allows, but be prepared to have a ladder in your vehicle.

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Pros and Cons of Having a Lift Kit

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